We placed an order with this website, and we had forgotten that we did. It took about 2 weeks before we got our order from this seed bank. The delays weren’t the seed banks fault but just part of Covid19’s delays. We ordered our usual 100 seeds ( 5 of us ordered two 10 packs of seeds ).  We planted them in our commercial grow operation in a temperature and humidity controlled nursery room and the journey began, but a journey fought with much complaints and frustrations. We got a very low 78% germination rate where 6 seeds were crushed due to the weak GLASS vials they were sent in 4 survived of the white widow we ordered, and 16 other seeds simply did not open when we germinated them. While they seem to provide a germination guarantee and we could have contacted them about getting the seeds replaced. That is not the scope of our review practices. Also take note we did not contact them about replacing the seeds either as we wanted to anonymously test as if we were a first time buyer and what the results would be.  This seed bank has quite some history on the internet and has been around for a long time. There is actually allot of happy customers who buy from this seed bank with very low complaint reports. Sadly, this review will be one of the complaints towards this seed bank.



  • Website was nicely layered and easy to navigate
  • Ordering was usual to most other seed banks in how we paid for our order
  • They’re at least legit in sending you something when you pay them
  • They have been around for many years ( which we don’t know how to be honest it’s a terrible seed bank to order from )
  • Our grow staff enjoyed what little buds that grew of quality that we got from a harvest with their genetics


  • Terrible selection of genetics and not allot to choose from selection rarely changes
  • Seeds were sent in plastic baggies in which 6 got crushed in the glass vials they sent us, the box was partially crushed too
  • Terrible germination rates of the seeds that didn’t get crushed in shipment. Seeds were very small and poor looking compared to other seed banks we ordered from.
  • One of our staff had reached out to this company in which an argument ensued over an email. We will not share the email here due to privacy and to keep this review professional; but were running out of good things to say about this seed bank fast.
  • Plants grew absolutely terrible; in hydroponics where PH was automated, EC was automated to inject nutrients in a chemigation/fertigation room grown by experts. Yield, THC values stated on their website no where close to our tested results. Plants yields were low; purple genetics they show didn’t turn purple in bloom time ( huge disappointment ).
  • We gave up on trying to positively make any statement about this seed bank
  • 31 plants hermaphrodited yet we didn’t remove branches, stress the plants or do anything abnormal to cause this. Absolute terrible genetics is all we can conclude here.


Stay away from this seed bank. Sure they look professional, and are tempting to buy from, but we cannot suggest this seed bank to anyone for more reasons than we care to write about on this review.  BUYER BEWARE there’s reports of people sending money and never getting their order ! You have been warned !


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