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We were contacted by NukeHeads who replied to one of our mass emailers. We have heard of this business many times but never knew what to expect. After our testers placed an order for some Marijuana seeds and got our order in. This is where the adventure starts for us to quickly and most excitingly tell you that NukeHeads is the best seedbank on the internet. No other seed bank compares nor comes close except our big #2  which is  IGLM aka . We have allot to say about this seed bank and it’s all GOOD ! During our initial investigation of we began finding complaints mostly on roll it up magazine dating back to 2018. It seems NukeHeads had some issues during 2018 but had since recovered. There was a vast amount of complaints but it was all mostly centralized to rollitup magazines forum. We got suspicious here knowing business competition can be bloody we felt maybe NukeHeads was being attacked. We ordered from them and wow. We got a custom lab container designed with our name on it. The claim is it can support 1000lb crush force. They have video proving this. So of course. We had every staff member step on top of the lab container protecting our seeds and it didn’t break.


The lab container is amazingly cool and a fellow writer said ” If I grew my weed with those seeds and show everyone who gets weed from me that lab container. They would surely know and feel I grow the highest quality lab grade Marijuana. “.  This presentation factor wasn’t just cool but anyone who shows their medical patients that lab container will begin to have allot more faith in the grower growing those seeds.

While we have far too much positive things to say this review could surely go on pages with only great things to say about NukeHeads. We will let you decide for yourself.  UPDATE:  It has been 8 weeks. We got a 100% germination out of 100 seeds that we tested comprised of 10 strains. All 10 seeds of each 10 strains germinated, and currently some of the autos we ordered are in bloom and let me tell you. NukeHeads genetics grows into some of the most photo worthy stunning plants you could ever ask for !



  • If we could just say everything we would but we’ll be specific to our favorite points
  • Fast shipping speed with tracking
  • Email replies is fast; After placing an order confirmation emails came through immediately ( A problem with some seed banks )
  • Customer service was prompt in replying to our email. We emailed on Saturday when they were closed; We got a reply Monday morning when NukeHeads was open.
  • Tracking Link was emailed to us so we knew to expect our order arriving which it did and on time too
  • Custom Designed seeds protection container. This is where just stomps on their competition gaining them the highest ranking in our reviews of all seed banks online.
  • Best genetics, best germination rates ( we got 100% in our tests ) and most beautiful plants



  • Keeping them from a perfect 5 stars is they lack videos on each strains something IGLM has
  • We wished they took phone calls. It’s nice to hear a voice. However, in their defense we found many seed banks to list a a phone number but when you call it no one ever answers or the number is void and inactivated resulting in an error dial tone reply.
  • NukeHeads provides not just seeds but nutrients, grow lights, and instruments. We’d like to see more educational content on their website as they seem quite the influence and leader in high tech marijuana growing. Especially if you watch the owners YouTube channel CLICK HERE TO VISIT NUKEHEADS OWNERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL 



Best Genetics, Best custom services, great customer service, plants are jaw dropping beautiful and healthy grown from seeds. Not one Hermie plant and when you grow feminized seeds. Fem seeds by inheritance have Hermie genetics inside them, yet we got no such expression in our grows using NukeHeads seeds ! We badly wanted to give a full 5/5 stars and if they begin taking this constructive criticism and putting it to use. We would absolutely have no hesitation to giving them that 5 star rating. This is hands down the best Marijuana seed bank online. If you need to buy Marijuana seeds in the USA look no further and be sure to place your order at


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